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I lead a Bird Walk on the first Saturday of every month and each month we walk in a different location. A few days before the walk I email a reminder of the walk and indicate where we will be birding.

Then I sit back and wonder. I wonder who or how many people will be joining my walk. I never know. Some months a lot of people join us, sometimes only a few. Attendance is hard to predict. There is some correlation with weather. On nicer days more people turn out.

For the August walk, the forecast was for overcast and drizzle. When I awoke it was raining. I seriously did not expect anyone to show up. Even Doug was doubtful; he called questioning whether the walk was still on. My philosophy is “if anyone shows up, we go”. That actually happened once – only one person show up and the two of us had a wonderful time. On that dreary August morning, eight people joined Doug and me for a nice walk.

One thing about birding is the unpredictability. You can never be certain about birds you are likely to see on a given day. You may see a lot, maybe just a handful. The same is true about birders. I never know how many will show up. Birding is not the highest priority for most people. Attendance in September can be affected by back-to-school events, religious holidays, end of summer chores and, of course, the weather.

How many people will join my walk on Saturday? My guess is 15-18 people.

Tune in on Saturday to see how close (or far off) my guess is.

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